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Class 23 Heat pumps – Planning permission is not required for the installation, alteration or replacement of a ground or water source heat pump and any associated groundwork within the curtilage of a dwelling house provided General conditions A can be met

Section A —General Conditions as amended

(1) No part of the development may be constructed within 9 metres (measured at ground level) of the route of any overhead electrical line carrying 11kv or more (High Tension power cable);

(2) No part of the development may be constructed within 9.1 metres of the bank of any river designated as a Main River under the Land Drainage Acts;



Under the Town and Country Planning (Permitted Development and Change of Use) (Amendment) Order 2020 – Schedule 1 Article 4 amended (4)

(2A) The operations specified must not be constructed (including any foundations) so as to involve the felling, lopping or limbing of any tree (other than a tree referred to in section 3(3) of the Tree Preservation Act 1993) or be situated closer to such a tree than the required distance.


For the purpose of paragraph (2A) the “required distance” is

(a) for a tree with a single stem, 12 times the tree’s stem diameter; or

(b) for a tree with more than one stem, 12 times — (stem diameter 1)2 + (stem diameter 2)… + (stem diameter 5)2, where the stem diameter is measured 1.5 metres above ground level.