Erection of a private garage or carport within the curtilage of a dwelling

A garage or car port measuring up to 6m by 6m and with an eaves level not exceeding 2.9m may be erected without planning permission providing all the conditions set down in Class 17 (Page 17) of the Permitted Development Order are satisfied. (See link below). No approval is given as part of this for the creation or alteration of an access onto the highway.  If a new or amended access is required then this would require a planning application.

Those conditions are:

  • The general conditions applicable to Section A;
  • There must only be one private garage or car port within the curtilage of the dwellinghouse;
  • The eaves level must be no higher than 2.9 metres.
  • The roof pitch must match that of the main dwellinghouse;
  • The maximum width must not exceed 6 metres;
  • The maximum length must not exceed 6 metres;
  • No part of the garage or car port may project beyond the forwardmost part of the dwelling which fronts onto a highway;
  • Every part of the garage or car port must be a minimum of 6 metres from a highway including a rear or side lane;
  • No part of the garage or car port may be within 1 metre of the boundary of the dwellinghouse; and
  • If detached, the garage or car port must not be used for general living or sleeping purposes.

For a full copy of the Order click this link. Class 17, page 17 refers.

Where there is an existing garage which is part of or attached to the dwelling the garage space may be used as additional living accommodation and/or part of the main house without the need to apply for planning permission.

Planning permission is not required to replace a garage door with a window provided that the new window matches those existing in the ground floor on the same elevation AND that there is sufficient space elsewhere within the residential curtilage to accommodate two full sized car parking spaces (full sized parking spaces are 3.25m by 6m).