Greenhouse and polytunnelsGreenhouse and polytunnelsclose

The erection of one or more greenhouses or polytunnels within the curtilage of  dwellinghouse


a)    the general conditions applicable to Section A

Section A —General Conditions as amended

1) No part of the development may be constructed within 9 metres (measured at ground level) of the route of any overhead electrical line carrying 11kv or more (High tension power cable);

2) No part of the development may be constructed within 9.1 metres of the bank of any designated watercourse under the Flood Risk Management Act 2013;

Also included from Schedule 4 of the Order

(2A) The operations specified must not be constructed (including any foundations) so as to involve the felling, lopping or limbing of any tree (other than a tree referred to in section 3(3) of the Tree Preservation Act 1993).

b)    the height of the structures must not exceed 2.8 metres above ground level;

c)   the area of ground covered by the structures must not exceed 15 square metres

d)   no part of the structures may be nearer to the highway which bounds the curtilage of the dwellinghouse than;

i) that part of the dwellinghouse nearest to the highway, or

ii) 20 metres,

whichever is the nearer

e)    no part of the structure may be nearer than 1 metre to any part of the dwellinghouse; or boundary of the property; and

f)   the greenhouse and polytunnels may be constructed in a frame of polycarbonate or glass.