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Class 24 – Windows and doors – Planning permission is not required for the replacement of any existing window or door provided that the size, shape and position of the existing opening is not being changed, and no window or door is opening over any part of the highway or boundary of the dwelling house AND where the property is not

  • Registered;
  • within an adopted Conservation Area;
  • or a Conservation Area which is proposed in a published document.

Class 25 – Patio windows – Planning permission is not required for the installation, removal or the replacement of patio doors with a window within a dwelling house provided

  • the windows and/or door to be replaced are at ground level only;
  • are not on any elevation which fronts onto a highway
  • any new aperture must be no wider than 3 meters for the purposes of this class patio doors includes french windows, bi folding doors and sliding doors.